Ford Truck Graphic Wrap – Ranger Pickup – Full Coverage

Ford Truck Graphic Wrap – Ranger Pickup – Full Coverage


  • 3M 1080 Vinyl
  • Full-Color Graphics
  • Custom Design
  • Mobile Billboard Advertising
  • Professionally Installed
  • Ford Ranger Pickup Truck Graphic Wrap
  • Ford Ranger 2008
  • Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, and More
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From the house to work, your Ford Ranger can produce more sales leads in the Houston area. How? Wrap your Ford Ranger Pickup Truck with 3M 180 custom vinyl wrap film. Make your Ford Ranger a graphic mobile advertisement without any efforts. This pool service truck wrap was essential to this company to attract potential customers and to be noticed while they drive around Houston.

Ford Ranger Pickup Truck Graphic Wrap

The listed price for this Ford Ranger 2008 Pickup Truck Graphic Wrap includes the body only. Additional wrap options depend on your configuration. Unfortunately, the vinyl wraps do not attach to plastic parts. Roof, side windows, rear windows, bumpers, side mirrors, handles, front grille are extra. We also charge extra to remove existing stickers.

The listed price does not include the roof. Other optional features include windows, side mirrors, bumpers, and handles. If any windows are being covered, a perforated 3M Graphic Vinyl Film is used. All perforated vinyl installations include a clear laminate to keep dirt out of the perforations. By law, the driver and front passenger side windows cannot be wrapped. A full vehicle wrap installation takes two to three days, depending on the options selected. Removing headlights, bumpers, taillights, handles, molding, mirrors, and car emblem during installation sets apart a professional job from an amateur job. Convert your Ford Ranger 2008 Pickup Truck into a moving billboard to improve credibility and increase exposure throughout Houston.

  • Benefits of Advertising with Vehicle Graphic Wraps
  • Full Wrap vs Partial Wrap
  • Process of wrapping your vehicle
  • Durable 3M Cast Wrap Material
  • Removable
  • 5 years Duration
  • Pressure activated adhesive
  • Non-visible air release channels

Benefits of Advertising with Vehicle Graphic Wraps

Advertise for your business by adding a full vehicle graphic wrap to your marketing strategy. According to a study by Geopath, vehicle wraps make thirty thousand to seventy thousand daily impressions. Not only does your brand get noticed, but the vinyl wrap will also increase your brand recognition and increase familiarity with your business. When it comes to decision making, people pick based on logos they recognize. The American Trucking Association points out that twenty-nine percent of viewers would make a purchase based on a vehicle they saw. While you are driving to your next destination, the wrap work for you with little effort. For smaller companies, it legitimizes their business and increases sales.

Full Car Wrap vs Partial Car Wrap

Showcase your business while on the road. Full Car Wrap and Partial Car Wrap are both excellent choices. Both types of vinyl wraps are very efficient tools to attract and promote your brand anywhere, anytime. They have their unique perks. Why buy a Full Wrap? A full wrap covers 100% of your pickup truck, including the front, back, sides, and some people may include the roof and windows too. A full car wrap makes the advertisement more visible and eye-catching. For vehicle resale purposes, a full car wrap protects the original paint and does not suffer from the graphic ghosting effect. In other words, when the wrap is no longer needed, the graphic can be removed without leaving paint discoloration and logo markings. In turn, it protects the resale value of the vehicle and prevents your design from showing poorly on the next owner’s car after it is sold.

Before Installing Your Ford Truck Graphic Wrap

The preparation before wrapping your vehicle is crucial for an effective and durable Vehicle Wrap. We recommend you wash the car a day before the scheduled wrap. Make sure the car wash service does not include wax. Before the application, the vehicles must be as clean as possible. If not, the 3M Vinyl Adhesive will not stick correctly to the car. Please do not wash the car the same day as the scheduled appointment. For a vehicle to be completely dry, it needs to be washed the day before and preferably kept indoors, so it can dry thoroughly and be free of dust and pollen.

Process of Wrapping your Vehicle

Below, we outline the four basic stages for getting your vehicle wrap. We will begin by giving you a no-obligation quote based on your exact needs. Then, we will walk you through the design phase and schedule the installation with you.

  1. Custom Car Wrap Quote – If you need a custom price quote on your vehicle wrap, please contact us today. Let us know which vehicle you need to wrap and what you are trying to do. We will need the vehicle’s model and year. Also, if the car has dents or scratches, you may need to bring it to our Houston location for evaluation.
  2. Graphic Design for the Vehicle Wrap – If you have your design, bring it to us. If not, we can work with you to establish what you need. Typically, it takes up to 3 days for the design process.
  3. Schedule an Appointment to Wrap the Vehicle – Once you finish your design, we will need to print the 3M vinyl. The vinyl printing process can take 2 to 3 days.
  4. Vehicle Wrap Installation – Once you drop off the vehicle, it takes 1-3 days for the actual installation. Most vehicles will take two days for a full wrap. Before installation, the car needs to be clean.

Durable 3M 180 Vinyl Wrap Material

Graphics AtoZ wraps all vehicles here in Houston with top of its class, 3M 180 Vinyl Film. What sets the 3M 180 vinyl apart from its competitors is its adhesive and the non-visible air release channels. 3M Vinyl Films are known for its high quality, cost-effective, specialty adhesives. They allow temporary or permanent customization with numerous decorations. Suitable for application on flat surfaces, and simple and moderate curves.

Vehicle Wrap Removability

All vehicle vinyl wraps are long-term removable. What this means is that you can remove the film as many times as needed without damaging the original color, protecting the original paint. With full vehicle wraps, you avoid the ghosting effect caused by partial or custom graphics wraps.

Pickup Truck Wrap Life Expectancy

Taking good care of your Ford Truck Graphic Wrap is critical for its durability. The color and laminate coatings for 3M 180 Vinyl Wrap Film are designed to last up to 5 years. By washing your car frequently and parking on the shade, it will make the wrap last even longer.

Pressure Activated Adhesive for Edge Wrap

The 3M 180 Vinyl Wrap Film can be stretched up to 40 percent. This stretching capability makes the molding around curves, and sharp bumper edges simple for a trained installer and prevents peeling from the edges. Using a high-quality adhesive for the vehicle edges of the wrap separates an excellent quality car wrap service to the rest of the competition.

3M 180 Vinyl Wrap Film’s Non-Visible air release channels

3M 180 Vinyl laminate is considered one of the best due to the film’s bubble-free application. It has invisible air release channels allowing air to escape. These air release channels aid the installer in applying a bubble-free wrap. This feature is what makes the 3M vinyl film the best.

Extra Charge for Vinyl Removal and Stickers

Please note that there will be an additional charge for removing existing wraps, stickers, or plastic trim pieces. If the truck bed panels are damaged, there may be limitations on the ability to do a full wrap.

Houston, TX Service Area

Please note that our Ford Truck Graphic Wrap service covers Houston, Katy, Pearland, and surrounding communities. Our offices and all car wraps are in Houston, TX 77063, but we will travel to you. An additional service charge may apply for onsite installation. Visit our coverage area page for more information. Additional fees apply for offsite installations.

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