Trailer Spot Graphic

Trailer Spot Graphic


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  • Custom Design
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Deliver exactly what you need with a customizable trailer, advertising your business on the go. With a wide variety of full wrap, partial wrap or spot graphic sizes, you can custom your trailer and advertise your business. Spot wrapping includes less than 25%. This includes the two side graphics, is cheaper, and the installation process is faster than any other wrap.  Graphic AtoZ uses 3M 180 Vinyl Wrap Film. It is also durable, water-resistant, UV and chemical resistant, typically lasting 3 to 5 years. You can choose from any size and quantity we offer to customize the trailer. Don’t see the right size for your Small Size Trailer? No problem. Contact us via email, FREE Quote or phone to order your preferable size option.

  • Benefits of Advertising with Trailer Graphic Wraps
  • Full Wrap vs Custom Wrap
  • Process of wrapping your Trailer
  • Durable 3M Cast Wrap Material
  • Removable
  • 5 years Duration
  • Pressure activated adhesive
  • Non-visible air release channels

Benefits of Advertising with Trailer Graphic Wraps

Work on your business advertising by wrapping your trailer. Trailer Wraps can bring your business many benefits. Marketing strategy, brand recognition and trust giving are some of the benefits. A study made by Geopathshows that vehicle wraps make thirty thousand to seventy thousand daily impressions. When it comes to decision making, people pick based on logos they recognize. The American Trucking Association points out that twenty-nine percent of viewers would make a purchase based on a vehicle they saw. When driving to your next destination the wrapping benefits do its work, without any effort. By wrapping your trailers, it gives brand recognition. Also, people look for legitimacy and professionalism. Using 3M 180 Vinyl Custom Design Film Wrap guarantees high-quality Wrap, plus it is cost-effective. It is also durable, water-resistant, UV and chemical resistant, typically lasting 3 to 5 years. You can choose between opaque, reflective, perforated, and transparent films.

Full Trailer Wrap vs Spot Trailer Wrap

Showcase your profession while on the road. Full Trailer Wrap and Custom Trailer Wrap are both good choices. Both types of wrap are very efficient tools to attract and promote brands anywhere, anytime. They have their own unique perks. But, why Full Wrap? Full Wrap covers 100% of your trailer, including front, back, sides and some people may include roof and windows too. This makes the advertisement more visible and eye-catching. For resale purposes, this service is more convenient for its future owner. Full Wrap leaves no trades, protects the paint of original color and it is easy to take the wrapping off. Remember, the image of your trailer is the image of your business. It covers more surface area than a Custom Wrap and involves more details. Invest in a Full Trailer Graphic Wrap for an effective impact on audiences.

Before Wrapping your Trailer

The process before is very important for an effective and durable Trailer Wrap. The day before the schedule wrap, the trailer will need a car wash. Make sure the car wash service is a non-waxed one. All trailers before getting wrapped need to be as clean as possible. If not, the 3M Vinyl Adhesive will not stick correctly to the trailer. Please do not wash the trailer the same day as the scheduled appointment. For a trailer to be dry completely it needs to be washed the day before and preferably be placed indoor, so it can dry thoroughly.

Process of Wrapping your Trailer

Graphic AtoZ counts with a team of Vehicle Wrap experts and designers with 10+ years of experience in the field. The description below is a basic guide that will tell you what the process of Trailer Graphic Wrap is like. We use 3M Costume Vinyl Wrap Film for all the trailer wrap installations that will create impressions for your business and build brand recognition in the Houston area.

  • Stablishing a design
    • Graphic AtoZ allows you to bring your own design or you can use our team of designers to design your Trailer Wrap. If you already have a design, the file would have to be submitted and go through a proofing process. During the proofing process the sizes, color, and any technical specifications are reviewed and approved. If you inquire a Graphics AtoZ Designer, the client and the designer would exchange ideas via email or in-person with a scheduled appointment. Every wrap design is created with a Graphic Design Software and Photoshop. After exchanging ideas with a Graphics AtoZ Designer, a process of 3-5 days needs to be passed before the design is reviewed and approved by the client. Once the production of proofing is finalized the digital files are printed on 3M 180 Vinyl Wrap Film and laminated.
  • Providing a quote for additional customization
    • At we provide you with different Trailer Sizes. You get to choose the size of your trailer and that gives you a cost estimate of how much your trailer wrap would be. You can also request a FREE Quote and one of our team members will contact you for further details.
  • How long does it take?
    • After the proofing process, you will be scheduled with an appointment for the installation process. Installation normally takes between 2-4 days depending on the square footage of your project. When Graphics AtoZ installation crew arrives the first thing they do is prepare the trailer which includes cleaning the surface of the trailer and removing any chemical the trailer may have.
  • Where do we wrap?
    • For installation purposes, you can come to our installation facilities or we go to you. The installation needs to be completed indoors unless a guarantee of no rain is forecasted and there is a shaded work area. If you have a parking lot where the wrap can be installed, we would gladly go to you and vehicle wrap your vehicle.

Durable 3M 180 Vinyl Wrap Material

Graphics AtoZ wraps all trailers here in Houston with top of its class, 3M 180 Vinyl Film. What sets the 3M 180 vinyl apart from its competitors is its adhesive and the non-visible air release channels. 3M Vinyl Films are known for its high quality, cost-effective, specialty adhesives.  They allow temporary or permanent customization with numerous decorations. Suitable for application on flat surfaces, simple and moderate compound curves.

Trailer Wrap Removability

All trailer vinyl wraps are long term removable. What this means is that you can remove the film as many times as needed without damaging the original color, protecting its original paint. With full vehicle wraps you avoid the ghosting effect caused by partial or custom graphics wraps.

Trailer Wrap Life Expectancy

Taking good care of your trailer wrap is key for its durability. The color and laminate coatings for 3M 180 Vinyl Wrap Film is designed to last for up to 5 years. By washing your trailer frequently and parking on the shade, it will make the wrap last even longer.

Pressure Activated Adhesive for Edge Wrap

The 3M 180 Vinyl Wrap Film can be stretched up to 40 percent. This makes the molding around curves and sharp bumper edges easy, making it hard to peel off. Using a high-quality adhesive for the edges of the wrap separates a good quality trailer wrap service to the rest of the competition.

3M 180 Vinyl Wrap Film’s Non-Visible air release channels

3M 180 Vinyl laminate is considered one of the best due to the film’s bubble-free application. It has invisible air release channels allowing air to escape. This guarantees fast, easy and bubble-free application. This feature is what makes the 3M vinyl film the best.

Extra Charge for Vinyl Removal and Stickers

Please note that there will be an additional charge for removing existing wraps, stickers, or plastic trim pieces.

Houston, TX Service Area

Please note that our Trailer Graphic Wrap service covers Houston, Katy, Pearland, and surrounding communities. Our offices and all our car wraps are in Houston, TX 77063, but we will travel to you. An additional service charge may apply for onsite installation. Visit our coverage area page for more information. If you prefer the installation to be at your location, please note that an extra charge will be made.

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